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After fifteen years of brewing experiments and research - such as malting, milling, and roasting grain, recreating historical beer recipes, and brewing in his wife's kitchen - Jerry Grandle decided it was time to take things to a new level. In September 2014, the Spotted Dog Brewery opened, run by Jerry and his wife, Susan. The brewery is named after Ryeleigh, the family's bluetick hound. Our beers have been enjoyed in many states by family and friends, from California to New York. Now that our doors are open to the public, we are proud to be Mesilla's only microbrewery and gladly share our beers with the Mesilla Valley and its visitors.

Wiezenbock + Wurst-Fest

Surprise! We do still have a blog! We just like to save it for when we have something worthwhile to say - like when we have our first collaboration brew!

Jerry takes a swing at brewing on a larger scale. He obviously has mixed feelings!

Jerry takes a swing at brewing on a larger scale. He obviously has mixed feelings!

What is a collaboration brew? For those unfamiliar with the concept, typically a collaboration brew would involve two breweries coming together to brew something tasty at one location that mixes styles and talents from both brew teams. Then, the new brew would be sold at both locations. Sometimes this happens just for the fun of it, sometimes as a learning experience for the two brew teams, sometimes a little bit of both. As Garrett, our assistant brewer, says, "The best thing about the craft beer world is the community that it brings together! As brewers, not only do we strive to create a strong community at our brewery with our customers, but also build ties between other brewers, breweries, and local businesses. The coolest part about brewing beer is that everyone has their own unique way of ultimately creating the same final product, BEER. I had reached out to Albert, the head brewer from Ode, a few months back about doing a collaboration and he was all in. It took us awhile to get it on the calendar, but we finally got together for a brew day at each others place. Not only did we have an awesome time hanging out with the guys from Ode, we were also able to see the process on a larger scale performed a little differently. As brewers we are always continually improving what we do and the only way to do this is by learning and interacting with other members of the brewing community." Cross your fingers for an application of this larger scale brewing to come to SDB soon...!

Garrett also got to take a turn stirring the mash tun.

Garrett also got to take a turn stirring the mash tun.

Our collaboration is a bit of a twist on that idea, as our collaboration partners, Ode Brewing, are across the Texas border and our beers can't be shipped there (commercially) and vice versa due to state regulations. We never let something silly like that get in our way though. Instead, we took the same recipe and brewed it twice - once here, and once at Ode! Shipping problem solved. We put our heads together and came up with a Weizenbock, and used the same malt, hops, and yeast (basically, everything but the water) at both locations. Here is what Garrett had to say about the style:

"A Weizenbock is considered an ale, and is best described as a stronger Dunkel Weizen brewed to 'bock strength'. The goal of the final product is to have a dark red to brown colored beer with a pronounced estery alcohol character and bolder more complex malt character than traditional Dunkel Weizens. It is also common to pick up some spiciness and clove characters from our house wheat yeast that we used in this recipe. I thought this style of beer represents what we like to do at the Spotted Dog more than anything, make big beers with wheat malt! It is also a great style for the fall time as the temperatures start to cool down."

Join us this weekend as we host a Wurst-Fest full of traditional German dishes to celebrate the release of the Weizenbock - or if you are in El Paso, join Ode for their Wurst-Fest Release Party! Saturday only we will have bratwurst and knockwurst sandwiches and a spatzle plate, and all week long we will be celebrating fall with a schnitzel, sauerkraut, and kartoffel plate.

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