Spotted Dog Brewery

Unfiltered, Unconventional, Unleashed

After fifteen years of brewing experiments and research - such as malting, milling, and roasting grain, recreating historical beer recipes, and brewing in his wife's kitchen - Jerry Grandle decided it was time to take things to a new level. In September 2014, the Spotted Dog Brewery opened, run by Jerry and his wife, Susan. The brewery is named after Ryeleigh, the family's bluetick hound. Our beers have been enjoyed in many states by family and friends, from California to New York. Now that our doors are open to the public, we are proud to be Mesilla's only microbrewery and gladly share our beers with the Mesilla Valley and its visitors.

Here's to two months of open doors and flowing beer!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful fans and such a great location in the great town of Mesilla, New Mexico. After two months of being open to the public, we are proud to still be serving our beers five nights a week and we plan on making this a long term habit. Amongst our accomplishments in the past two months, we would like to highlight a few shining moments:

  • Our fans are the best. No really. On November 13th, we hit 1000 likes (and counting) on our Facebook page, all due to unrelenting efforts from our followers. As a great big thank you to our followers on Facebook, we are offering them a 10% discount on all merchandise for Black Friday (11/28/14) and Small Business Saturday (11/29/14). Don't miss out--claim the offer here.
  • We loved our five minutes of fame in the local news. In case you didn't see us in the business section of the Las Cruces Sun News, check out the September spread here. Don't fret, Jerry has gotten some beauty rest since they took his photo.
  • We loved our five minutes of fame just as much the second time! The Las Cruces Bulletin also caught wind that something awesome was brewing in Mesilla, and came down to check us out in October. The writeup was on page C11 in their October 31st edition and can be read here.
  • Pizza is just as good as fame. Soon after the Bulletin came by to grab a pint, we also teamed up with Lorenzo and his crew over at Pastallini's. Long story short, pizza and beer are a duo arguably better than peanut butter and jelly, and you can now satiate your cravings for both at the Spotted Dog! Check out the details on your table for more information regarding hourly pizza deliveries from 5-8pm most nights.

If the last two months have been any sign of things to come, we cannot wait for the next two months, two years, and two decades! Here's to two months of open doors and flowing beer!